When the Passion of Caviar becomes an Art


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Caviar is the most magnificent, the most rare and the most precious delicacy. If there’s one food that’s associated with pure luxury, it’s caviar. This delicacy of sturgeon fish eggs is rare and expensive and considered a coveted item in the culinary world. Caviar's renown is such that even those who have never tasted it will have an idea of both its flavour and what it looks like. Beluga, Ossetra, Sevruga and Baeri: all types of caviar whose names are charged with magic. Caviar historically came from the Caspian Sea, and was imported into France by Russians, so loading its mythology still further.

Caviar Tasting in Paris


You are invited to visit House Comptoir du Caviar (in Paris), a reference provider for the French cuisine. For over 25 years, Comptoir du Caviar has been selecting its caviars and fish roes right at the source, with special attention given to preserving natural resources and ecosystems, carefully observing respectful fishing rotations. You will thus understand, while tasting the precious product, that these criterions have a direct impact on the final quality of caviar.

You will first learn that caviar is prepared from sturgeon roe, a fish known since Antiquity. Famous for its scarcity and taste, sturgeon is the last representative of a species which appeared some 300 million years ago.  You will then be introduced to the key aspects of the caviar market. Comptoir du Caviar experts will give you a rough picture of the great issues since the late eighties, most notably the decline of wild fishery.

Still guided by a Comptoir du Caviar expert, you will then sample various tarama recipes (tarama with summer truffles, tobiko wasabi, poutargue, and so on) served with blinis. And then, the long-awaited moment... sampling three types of caviar: “Baerii”, “Selection” and “Oscietre” to enjoy with two glasses of champagne.


To keep a souvenir of that gourmet experience, you will receive a gourmet prestige basket including :

- 1 can of caviar of your chosing,
- 2 miniatures of vodka,
- 2 tarama verrines,
- a 16 blinis pack.


DETAILS : This program takes place over 1 hour 1/2 - Minors are not allowed to drink alcohol – This program is available on demand and subject to availability – This experience for 2 people, is valid for 12 months after the purchase date.

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