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Be the all-action military hero for a day


If you’re looking for something unique and adventurous to add to your bucket list, why not think about driving a military tank? These fun drive days include time learning about these mammoth machines, how to drive them and then having time to operate a tank, even looking through a periscope to see where you’re going!

Experience the unique thrill of being a tank commander with a Tank Driving experience. Forget World of Tanks, you can take command of 50 tons of armoured steel, tracks and guns and live out your childhood fantasies. Power your way across varied terrains, taking target practice or even taking part in a tank battle for the ultimate thrill.  You will start by driving the tank through the English countryside and learn the basics of the fight before the final clash: a real tank battle where the only way out will be victory!

Let the Battle Begins...


Put on your kevlar helmet and combat suit before getting into your tank. You will begin this experience by learning the basics of the handling of tanks as well as the techniques of reloading the 40mm cannon. Then, you will be able to drive the tank by yourself and thus familiarize with its environment.

Load your cannon ... Shoot! Start this moment of "war" against the enemy tank to live an intense moment like you've never experienced. Armed with paintball shells and in totally secure conditions, set off in a real-life situation, and tank against tank, take your troop to war with the sole aim of destroying enemy tanks!


DETAILS : Duration of the program 3 hours - This program is available on demand and subject to availability – This experience for 1 to 5 people per tank, is valid for 12 months after the purchase date.

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