Private Shopping Tour in Paris


Fashion & Jewelry

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Looking for exclusive outfits? no ideas & no time for shopping? Wishing to be sublimated & self-confident? Looking for a special look for a special event? Needing a quality shopping tour in Paris? A French personal shopper will help you doing shopping for you or buying luxury gifts for your loved ones. But what is exactly a personal shopper? A personal shopper is a passionate & skilled fashion expert who helps its customers to purchase goods including outfits, accessories or gifts by giving fashion advice, by accompanying them while shopping or by shopping on their behalf and design an itinerary perfectly suited for their interests.


We are organizing your Fashion Tour “confidential” in the heart of fashion Paris, in connection with the major fashion houses and creators that are as talented as confidential, accompanied by a fashion coach specialized in fashion. As privileged customers you will get access to private salons and VIP service. A new way to live your shopping experience. You will be taken to different prestigious addresses where big fashion houses will welcome you for this unique experience.

You have passionate relation with some of the brands and you would love to share more time to get to know them better? Just choose 2 or 3 of your favourite houses that we work with, and we’ll open the doors for you.

After your VIP welcoming, your Coaching and the boutique’s personal shopper will be at your disposal to guide you and get all your requests. Nothing is more ravishing than having a time to yourself. You will be pampered by major houses that will make you fall in love with them even more.


DETAILS : This program takes place over 4 hours - This program is available on demand and subject to availability – This experience can be for 2 people or for a group of friends accompanied by more than 1 personal shopper. Valid for 12 months after the purchase date. Transportation is an option.

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