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Formula One automobile racing has its roots in the European Grand Prix championships of the 1920s and 1930s, though the foundation of the modern Formula One began in 1946 with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile's (FIA) standardisation of rules, which was followed by a World Championship of Drivers in 1950.

Formula 1 requires drivers to have a good deal of experience driving similar vehicles. While there are many possible race series that can be your path to Formula 1, all racers must go through one or more of the junior levels to move up.

Ready… Set… Go…


You will fly via helicopter to the legendary car racing circuit at Magny Cours GP, where you are welcomed into the pit-stops to you will have a theorical briefing regarding piloting techniques, particularities of the racetrack and safety directives. Fully equipped with a helmet, a suite, a hood, boots and gloves, let us go for a ride on an insane driving experience inside a last generation Formula 1 car Renault 2.0 with our Formula 1 Champion. Finally, imagine: starters turns on 700 hp , the expert turns up the speed and you, snuggled in the cockpit side, you will feel the first shocks and bumps... Let it loose, you have reached 300km/h !

Thanks to your pilot driving master skills, you will be able to feel like a real Formula 1 pilot.


DETAILS : This program take place over a half day - Minimum age 18 years old – This program is available on demand and subject to availability – on a condition of a medical certificate up-to-date.

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