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Smoking a cigar is something that commands respect, while presenting a moment of mindfulness and a deep connection with your fellow cigar enthusiast. You simply lose yourself in it!

But what is a Speakeasy? Back in January of 1920, the United States underwent a major change known as Prohibition. Now, suddenly, drinking alcohol became illegal. But the result of Prohibition led to a major creation, the Speakeasy. Also called a blind pig or blind tiger, hidden spots to get a drink suddenly popped up everywhere and you would have to have a secret password to gain entry.

That was until recently when major cities in Europe fell in love with the idea of these secret bars. This is especially seen in Paris where you can now find unbelievable cocktails at secret bars.

Through the Hidden Door


Let us  guide you into a barber shop near the Champs-Elysées where at the back of the living room, a hidden door lies, leading to a hidden paradise where men can live like kings. At first glance, it looks like a traditional barbershop offering a haircut or a hot towel shave. But whether you come for a shave or a haircut, be prepared to be offered a scotch and a cigar. In the back, a full bar will offer far more. Here you can find the traditional menu of mixed cocktails, rich ports, and a vast selection of Rums or Whiskies to partner with your cigar.

Share this exclusive moment, inside the smoking room with a Cigar expert : From the great history of cigars, to gossips, cigar smokers celebrities, essential knowledge of cigar's territories (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras...), choosing, preserving, and lighting Art to finally enjoy the Art of tasting, as to relish each flavour like a real insider.



DETAILS : This program takes place over 2 hours - minimum age 18 years old – Private experience valid for 1 person - This program is available on demand and subject to availability.

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