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Not for the faint of heart, the Top Gun Experience is designed for those who want to get serious about their aerobatic thrills. Who has not dreamed of taking the place of Tom Cruise? To fly through the heavens through a complete aerobatic routine, to flutter with a white trail behind you?

The roar of the jet spooling up is one thing, but the sheer exhilaration of 4,000 pounds of jet firing you down the runway is simply mind-blowing! After take-off, you will quickly ascend to altitude and after a final OK, you will proceed to your mission area and complete a full range of aerobatic manoeuvres - as mild or wild as you like! The L-39C Albatross is incredibly agile, and you will be looping, rolling, and blasting through the skies!!

Let the Adrenaline Rush


We will allow you to realize this dream by integrating the only civilian professional jet patrol in the world.

You will start this half day by being a fighter pilot for an exhaustive briefing on the program of the flight and on the safety instructions. Then, towards the locker room to discover your riding gear and helmet to become a full-fledged member of the squadron.

Then take a seat in a L39C jet, military training jet, with a veteran pilot, former pilot of the French fighter aviation, or even the Patrouille de France. After an acceleration at 600km / h, then follow each other, figures of aerobatics, changes of formations, barrels and loops within 3 meters of the other plane.


DETAILS : This program takes place over a hand day - This program is available on demand and subject to availability – This experience for 1 people, is valid for 12 months after the purchase date.

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