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Versailles is one of the most famous castles in the world! Its greatness, splendor, history, sculptures, architecture, countless gardens, ceilings, mirrors, history make it an exceptional castle!

This castle welcomes millions of visitors every year. Millions of people want to discover the history of the Sun King, enter the royal apartments, enjoy the mirror games in the Hall of Mirrors where was signed the Treaty of Versailles.

Versailles represents the greatness of France, the excessiveness of a king, the genius of architects, the beauty of gardens, Versailles is not comparable. Versailles is Versailles and that’s why this castle still attracts many curious.

A PRIVATE VIP day trip to Versailles has been expertly crafted to offer those of you who have already visited Versailles to delve deeper into the history of Versailles and see parts of the palace you had never seen before.

First of all we can make your visit truly special and adventurous by arriving on a Helicopter  and enjoying an astonishing aeroview for West Paris and  Versailles Palace or taking a Private Luxury car.

Then you will begin your exclusive visit, you will have the privilege to discover the Versailles secret rooms of Louis XV & XVI, which are not accessible to the public during the classic visit.

These Versailles secret rooms not only contain some remarkable works of art but they also shed light on the more private life and individual personalities of these last two Kings. The rooms are reserved and semi-privatized for you. As part of the visit you will also be able to visit inside either the Royal Opéra or the Royal Chapel (depending on which one is open at the time) which are only open to a select few.

A delicious French lunch inside the castle grounds at ORE restaurant with the famous Chef Alain Ducasse will make a perfect end. Enjoy the mouthwatering dishes made with ‘’delicatesse’’


DETAILS : This program take place over a half day - Minimum Age 10 year-old – This program is available on demand and subject to availability.

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