Camping/Rafting/Touristic Tour/Hermel & Assi River



DATE:JULY 03, 2021 to JULY 04, 2021


Date: Camping: July 03, 2021

Rafting: July 04, 2021

Activities:Rafting in Assi River/Touristic visit to Qammou Al Hermel/Touristic visit to St. Gerges Cave and Assi River Source/Camping/Bonfire & Baked Potato/Breakfast & Lunch


Option 1:2 Days with Transportation:Camping,Rafting, Touristic Tours, Breakfast, Lunch: LBP 320,000

Option 2: 2 Days without Transportation: Camping, Rafting, Touristic Tours, Breakfast, Lunch: LBP 250,000

Option 3: 1 Day with Transportation: Rafting, Touristic Tours, Lunch: LBP 270,000

Option 4:1 Day without Transportation:Rafting,Touristic Tours,Lunch: LBP220,000

25 Attendees are required to go with the transportation option, we may cancel the transportation in case we couldn't reach this number-

Inclusions:Transportation (Optional)/Camping (Optional)/Touristic Tours/Rafting/Baked Potato during the camp/Breakfast (2nd Day)/Lunch (2nd Day)/Professional Guides/Professional Photos/Video Teaser/First Aid Assistance-

Meeting Points and other Logistics details will be shared with the participants

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