Alsace & The Black Forest- A Dream not to be missed



Alsace – France:

From 25 November to 6 January, Alsace welcomes you to a winter wonderland! A warm and cosy atmosphere descends gently upon all of Alsace, to celebrate the most majestically merry Christmas. Join us in the merriment! On the programme: cities and villages decorated with thousands of lights, special moments filled with delicious treats, and craft markets, where you’ll discover the local know-how. The stage is set for the sweetest season of the year, the one where you get together and share a magical moment, in the purest spirit of Christmas!


Black Forest – Germany:

One of Germany's most varied holiday destinations, the Black Forest is a wonderful place to relax at Christmas. The region boasts gentle valleys, waterfalls, spectacular gorges and mountains densely covered with fir and spruce.

Traditional christmas markets take place in many places in the Black Forest every year. The flavour of mulled wine, waffles and fir needles, candlelights and the cosy atmosphere attract the guests every year anew. Besides eating and drinking of course you can find lots of local products for your own or for your christmas gifts.

Tourists are drawn to Switzerland's diverse landscape as well as the available activities, which take advantage of the Alpine Climate and landscapes , in particular for skiing and mountaineering.

Hiking is one of the main sports activities in Switzerland and is often referred to as the "national sport".


With the plethora of beautiful lakes, mountains and rivers that dot Switzerland, it´s unsurprising that so many of its cities lie amidst such spectacular scenery. Castles and churches rise imperiously above the red-rooftops of the buildings, while the ancient cobbled streets lead you on to yet more magnificent sights.

Perfectly mixing the old with the new, museums and galleries, bars and restaurants make the best cities in Switzerland lively places to visit.

Two magical Christmas guided tours

Alsace France & Black forest Germany



First Program:

1 December till 6 December 2022 (4 nights/5 days)

(3nights/4 days in Alsace (Strasbourg City) and 1 night/2 days in the Black Forest Germany)

Starting Price 1440$ per person in Double Room



Second program:

15 December till 21 December 2022 (6 nights/7 days)

(3 nights/4 days in Alsace (Strasbourg City) and 2 nights/3 days in the Black Forest Germany)

Starting Price 1760$ per person in Double room



Package price includes:

  • Ticket to Strasbourg via Turkish Airlines (round trip)
  • Accommodation at a very good and well located 3* or 4* Hotels for 6 nights with a lovely breakfast.
  • All transportation fees during the whole trip.
  • Guided Tour to awesome destinations and villages in the whole Alsace region (France) and the Black Forest (Germany) (every day from 9.30am till 7pm)
  • A Wonderful and unforgettable Christmas event at a luxurious place (unique dinner plus spectacular show for two hours plus dancing party till dawn)
  • Professional photos for unforgettable memories
  • Travel insurance


Package price does not include:

  1. a) Lunch and dinner
  2. b) other activities (touristic trains, boats, spa, etc..)



You will have a half day for shopping at a lovely Retail village (All big brands)

Plus a half day for a unique thermal water spa at a magnificent place (not included in the package price)

An awesome and unforgettable surprise is waiting for you during the tour and is included in the package


Offer is valid till 15 September.


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This is a guide price. Please enquire and we will provide a full personalized quote for you.  All our itineraries are tailor-made to your own requirements so can be modified however you wish.

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